VN 800 bobber.....................

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Hellyeah a dit…


I saw your custom bobber a few minutes ago and I wondered if you modified the original rearfender of the vn800 classic?

Its just a great bike!
I even put a classic rear at my vn800a and want to modify it too.

It looks like the bike is a bit lower, too - am I right?

atari-san a dit…

thank's uou kan see the rear fender and the work on this link http://kawasaki-customs.forumactif.com/800-vn-la-customisation-f48/voila-ma-belle-se-prepare-t584.htm
the fender is a original rear fender from vn 800 classic.
the bike is lowered to

Hellyeah a dit…

thank you very much for the fast answer and the link you sent me!
In my opinion you did a great job on your bike and I like to do some changes in the same way on my bike too.
You much do you lowered it?

guillaume a dit…

bravo pour ce que tu fais Atari, sacré coup d'oeil et sacrée technique.
la carpe sur le reservoir noir mat m'a vraiment tapé dans l'oeil.
ça donne carrément envie de s'y mettre!

Anonyme a dit…

Salut atari je viens d acquérir un vn 800 que je veut transformer en bomber j aurais besoin de tes lumières sur le garde de boue arriere

md11 a dit…

je coupe la selle rallonge la biellete pour rabaisser la moto.....
I copied this from the forum

What does that mean? How did you lower the bike?
Very nice work!